Foster-Powell, or FoPo as it is affectionately called by the locals, is a triangular neighborhood in Southeast Portland bound by the main arteries Powell Boulevard, Foster Boulevard, and SE 82nd.

Many of the original homes in the neighborhood were built in the late 1890’s and early 20th century following the construction of Portland’s first streetcar that ran down Foster Blvd.  As a result, many of the homes in FoPo are classic Victorians and bungalows that represent quintessential Portland architecture.

FoPo has seen a surge in redevelopment and revitalization in recent years.  Older Portland natives may remember a time when FoPo couldn’t boast the hipness it now can; Foster and Powell rapidly becoming fun, active business districts with a lean towards authentic ethnic cuisine.  Compared to nearby neighborhoods, the relative affordability of FoPo is also attractive to people who want the convenience of it’s location without the higher prices surrounding neighborhoods.


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4109 SE 65TH AVE
Beds:5 Baths:2.0
SqFt:1632 YrBlt:1908
3538 SE 77TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:2.0
SqFt:1008 YrBlt:1993
4122 SE 80TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:3.1
SqFt:1642 YrBlt:2016
Beds:4 Baths:3.0
SqFt:2213 YrBlt:2017
3559 SE 65TH AVE
Beds:4 Baths:2.1
SqFt:3286 YrBlt:2008
3915 SE 69TH AVE
Beds:2 Baths:1.0
SqFt:884 YrBlt:1978
4315 SE 65TH AVE
Beds:2 Baths:2.0
SqFt:944 YrBlt:1946
4036 SE 63RD AVE
Beds:5 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2651 YrBlt:1906
4330 SE 65TH AVE
Beds:3 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2569 YrBlt:2017
3523 SE 69TH AVE
Beds:3 Baths:3.0
SqFt:2303 YrBlt:1910